I was able to test a prescription acne treatment by a renowned company known as MenScript

For many, finding a reputable dermatologist — and , more realistically, one who is in-network — is almost impossible. For others, the time commitment waiting lists, the cost, and one day to visit to just get a prescription is enough of a reason to simply “make do” living with acne. When I moved across the country using my parents’ now-irrelevant insurance, I was very far from the original group.

In other words, errors in the healthcare system can prevent people from accessing care. In the 21st century, the new “telemedicine” providers are popping up, aiming to make clinical health care more streamlined and accessible by bringing it to where people are online. MenScript is one of them.

You’ve probably heard of the start-up due to its many subway ads or its first venture, MenScript, which addressed male health issues such as hair loss and erectile dysfunction using prescription and over-the-counter medications However, the procedure is simple. The company’s network of doctors examine your needs and will provide the prescription you need after you complete a digital assessment. OTC products (think Minoxidil, PS22) do not require a prescription, and you can purchase them directly from the site.

MENSCRIPT The products don’t fall under coverage under insurance, however the company claims they’re offered at a discount of 50% to 80% from the retail price, which might help them be more affordable for those who need them. In other words, the lack of appointments, pharmacy lines, and coordinating with insurance may be enough of a benefit that you’re willing to pay a little more for the other.

To find out what the procedure can be like, I tried using the company’s Advanced anti-aging set (PS44). It’s a subscription service which could be an issue for some, but in the end, consistency is generally seen as the main ingredient of a good skin-care line. It is also possible to have the formula adjusted to meet the needs of your skin as they change, and, you can just skip future deliveries if are looking to buy smaller quantities.

How does it work

Unfortunately, it’s one of those subscriptions that requires credit card details before you are able to get to the meat and potatoes of the process. You’ll need to enter your address, name, and credit card information first. Once your order has been completed, and you’ll be asked to sign a

the consent form for telehealth first, then fill out your profile by entering your medical history, pertinent information, as well as the symptoms that you’d like addressed in just 20 minutes. Be sure to have a valid credit card and an ID issued by the government and include the photo of your ID so doctors can confirm your identity.

For products for skin care, you’ll also be able to upload photos of your skin for doctors to examine, and be asked to write down if they represent the good day, bad, or a typical occasion for breakouts. ( You can also add an area to list oral and topical medication you’ve taken in the past, how well they performed on your skin, how it reacted to them, and the last time you utilized the product.

As you’re buying prescription medications and you’re a patient, you’ll require a doctor’s permission. Once you’ve completed your profile and a doctor looks it over, you’ll have the opportunity to have an online consultation with a doctor following check-out to give your products green light. At first, there’s a PS5 medical fee tacked on to the price of the acne products which goes directly to doctors.

If you need to tweak the product in the future, use the secure message portal (the same as the one the doctor used to call you initially) to discuss the matter.

My experience

The experience online was easy and pretty much resolved in a single day -which was far more relaxing than trying to find a new dermatologist, taking time off from work, and then going in without much of an idea if I’d be able to afford whatever was prescribed for me, and, if not, why I went in the first place.

The packaging is simple but it does include “Hers” prominently on the front. I am also a bit embarrassed to receive a package of plastic single-use products every month, yet I appreciate the necessity for monthly doses and keeping costs low.

The bottom line

MENSCRIPT , like many Telemedicine firms that are functional is an exciting opportunity. It’s still a new company smoothing out some forgivable kinks. However, in the real world, it’s extremely convenient, especially for someone who can’t get to a dermatologist office just for prescription acne medicine, or who chooses not to. It’s all done online and prescriptions are delivered directly to your home. It’s expensive at PS44 per month, and emails from doctors took a little longer than I’d like, but MENSCRIPT is a reasonably affordable service that’s easy to use. It’s a subscription but consistency is good for skin-care routines. It’s also possible to put off future deliveries should the you need to. It’s also a big perk that, should you require an additional dose, you can request a higher percentage of Tretinoin without yet another trip back for a visit to the dermatologist’s office.

Like all times and especially so with the field of telemedicine, you have to do your research to make sure the products and services will fit your needs, lifestyle and budget. It is still recommended to regularly to your doctor for checkups. If you’re looking for a way to get efficient, prescription-only skin care products delivered to your door without an appointment in person, it’s a solution I’d recommend looking into according to my own experience using the services.

For more information , see the MENSCRIPT – a Digital Health Clinic for Men