The Lotto Results Make Overnight Millionaires

Becoming an overnight millionaire or even an overnight multi-millionaire is a possible dream if you pick and play the lucky winning Lotto results. Every so often, the Lotto results make overnight millionaires of a few lucky Lotto players. ‘Tata ma chance tata ma millions’ is a familiar jingle that tunes into the dreams of lottery players who wait hopefully to hear the Lotto results that inform them that their Lotto ticket is the winning ticket. Week after week the Lotto result makes a few dreams and dissolves thousands more. But gamblers are a resilient lot and most people can afford an R3-50 single entry ticket into the next Lotto result draw. There is always another Lotto draw and more Lotto ticket options.

The cost of playing Lotto depends on the player. Now there is the Lotto draw and Lotto Plus draw and Powerball. Recently South Africa’s first free online lottery launched on where players don’t even need to spend real money to actually participate in the draws.

The amount of money it takes to stand a chance of playing the winning Lotto numbers is only R3-50 for one entry into the national Lotto lottery game draw. Lotto gambling habits vary, the common denominator is that everyone wants to win. Every Lotto player hopes that playing the Lotto will result in a big financial bounty.

Although the Lotto result makes millionaires there are several other cash prizes paid out to lucky Lotto players who get less than the required six numbers correct. The prize monies depend on how many Lotto players share the same number of correct numbers drawn and the cash lottery Lotto prize assigned to each set of numbers drawn in the Lotto result is then divided up in equal shares among the prize winners for that category. However, if the complete set of winning Lotto numbers is not picked by any player in the draw the big jackpot Lotto cash prize is ‘rolled over’ to the next Lotto draw.

The Lotto results are audited and televised live on TV and watched by millions of viewers, but believe it or not, some Lotto prize money is never claimed. Keep your ticket safe and check to see if you are an overnight lottery millionaire.

The Lotto Results For South Africans

The-lotto-results-for South Africans are aired every Saturday and Wednesday night in South Africa. The-lotto-results-for the lotto of the winners is usually broadcasted about two hours after the draw. During these lotto results, you can see how many winners there were in different sections depending on whether it was the lotto or lotto plus and how many balls were selected in the winning definitions.

The-lotto-results-for the lottery is done at night at a specific time every draw. The-lotto-results-for lotto is usually watched all across the nation, especially by those who are waiting to see if they have won on their chosen numbers.

The-lotto-results-for South Africans is an anticipated event and mostly a tense few minutes especially if it seems to be the numbers you have selected. There are many ways to have access to the-lotto-results-for the lottery. The-lotto-results-for South Africans can be seen on television or you can have them sent to you by SMS.

You can also go to the nearest shop where you play your lotto for them to check your ticket or you can check some of the newspapers the next day.

The-lotto-results-for the lotto can also be watched and this can help you when choosing your lotto numbers by seeing which numbers appear more frequently. The-lotto-results-for South Africans come after the national lottery broadcast, but before you can see which numbers are selected a professional charter accountant needs to be present and is the person who presses the button to release the balls.

The-lotto-results-for lottery is a very anticipated event because so many people have an interest in the lotto results to see if they are a winner. The lotto was established in 2000 with the lotto plus being introduced in 2003. And a few years later the PowerBall was also introduced to South Africans.

The-lotto-results-for gamblers are important to some while others are not interested in them at all. You can also have access to the-lotto-results-for the lotto by going on to the online website to see some of the latest lotto results of the week.

The South African national lottery has two different forms of the Lotto that is played each week. The Lotto and its secondary draw, the Lotto Plus is played each week. In order to enter into the main Lotto draw, players select six numbers from the set of forty-nine that they think will be the winning numbers for that week. The live public Lotto and Lotto Plus draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday night. In both the Lotto and Lotto Plus draws, seven numbers are selected – six main numbers and a bonus ball. Ticket sales close thirty minutes before the draw and the results of both the Lotto and Lotto Plus draws are available on the internet, in newspapers and in stores that have lottery terminals.

In order to enter in the main draw, the player chooses six numbers, but to enter into the Lotto Plus draw, which takes place after the main Lotto draw, the same set of numbers is used as for the Lotto draw. Players can therefore use one set of numbers twice. If players want to enter their Lotto numbers in the Lotto Plus draw, they pay an extra R1.50 on top of the R3.50 for the main Lotto ticket. The Lotto Plus draw cannot be entered into without first buying a normal Lotto ticket. Even though the jackpot and possible prize money for the Lotto Plus draw is smaller than that of the Lotto, it is still a great and inexpensive way to maximise your chances.

In order to ensure fairness, a different combination of lottery machines and lottery ball sets are used. An independent auditor is also on hand at each draw to ensure that nothing is tampered with. The machines and balls are tested regularly to rule out the possibility of any faults that may lead to the draw not being completely fair. Once the draws for the Lotto and Lotto Plus is complete, players can compare the numbers they chose with the numbers drawn at random by the Lotto and Lotto Plus machines. If they match, they can collect their prize money the following morning.